Infinite scalability

Easily serve your customers as their business data grows. No limits on clients or plugins.


Your customers' data is unreadable without the private encryption key. Choose for the customer to keep the key, or share it with you.


Choose the data you want backed up. Decide where it's stored. It's up to you.


Manage backups in real time with live, centralized monitoring. Receive in-depth insight from one dashboard.


Strategically tailor IASO's backup features to deliver top results for your market.

Your label

Reinforce your brand with customers. Stamp your logo and label on IASO's technology.


Leverage the solution's agile technology - designed for use in multiple languages to provide the perfect fit for your local market.

Reduce churn

Add backup to your existing portfolio of services and reduce your customer churn rate by 15%.

Super-fast turnaround

IASO enables you to build the platform, including localized storage, and sign your first customer in a matter of days.

Experience the power,
speed and efficiency

IASO reduces the technical and logistical obstacles associated with
traditional backup processes, and provides you with a cloud-based
restore solution that's both cutting edge and easy to use.

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