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Backup & Recovery Console

The Backup & Recovery Console is an all-in-one platform for service providers and system administrators who rely on the data backup technology developed by LogicNow/Solarwinds MSP. Using the Backup & Recovery Console, a company can manage its user and reseller network, customize access to the service, manage storage and backup/recovery processes and more.

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View guide for previous version (Cloud Management Console)

Storage management

The current guide is for software-only partners using their own storage.

Most companies, however, are subscribed on the "all-inclusive" basis. It means that the storage is taken care of by the service provider.

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Service providers can use API access to the SolarWinds Backup and Recovery. There are 2 types of web services: Management Service and Reporting service. Both of the types of services are exposed via the SOAP protocol.

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Backup and recovery documentation

Here you can find help resources for backup and recovery.

Backup Manager installation

The Backup Manager is installed with the help of an installation wizard on Windows and Mac computers. Linux and FreeBSD users install the software through the command line.

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Backup Manager

Your primary tool for backup and recovery. It specializes in enterprise-level data that cannot be handled with the help of mass-market solutions: databases, virtual machines and content management systems.

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Virtual disaster recovery

The Virtual Disaster Recovery feature lets you create a working mirror of your computer and run it in a virtual environment. The mirror can be kept up-to-date automatically through the continuous restore feature.

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Bare Metal Recovery

A specialized tool for restoring the whole operating system with its configuration and software to new hardware. No prior OS installation necessary.

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Recovery Console

A multi-instance recovery tool for system administrators. It lets you set up proactive data recovery from servers and workstations to any location.

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Virtual Drive

A tool that creates a virtual drive in your file system. That drive gives you access to the data you have backed up. You can copy or drag and drop files to a local drive from there.

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Release notes

Please visit our corporate website for the latest release notes: MSP Backup & Recovery release notes.


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