Incidents within a Priority level are generally processed on a first-come, first-served basis. However, Critical (Priority 1) and High (Priority 2) business impact Incidents that require immediate response or direct help may be processed out of turn. All Priority 1 Incidents MUST be reported through the LogicNow Technical Support Call Centre. If P1 Incidents are reported via a case submission form or other channel, this could result in critical delays in getting the incident resolved. 

When submitting an Incident, you are requested to supply detailed information (such as email; Subject; detailed description of the incident or symptoms being experienced; priority of incident; and any relevant attachments such as troubleshooting logs or screenshots when applicable. This assists with identifying the possible issue and will speed up response and resolution of the ticket. Failure to supply this information may result in Incident resolution and delay in providing the correct level of assistance.

Feature Requests are dealt with on a lower level of responsiveness. This is because it is often to fulfil additional requirements not yet available via the products.

Priority of an Incident ticket is set according to the guidelines listed below. Since it is not possible to define every possible condition or technical situation, these guidelines can only provide guidance.

Urgent - Critical Impact (Priority 1)

Critical Business Impact: Critical issue occurring on production/live system or a LogicNow product which is preventing business operations. Majority of users are prevented from working with no procedural workaround.
  • Any Incident which is business critical and requires immediate action as it is business impacting and could have a reputational or financial impact to the business.
  • Reported issues involving multiple Backup failures resulting from incidents or failures from LogicNow software/products.
  • Restore functionality or any Incident or Problem impacting the ability to send/receive emails.


  • System hangs or crashes
  • Critical functionality not available and no procedural workaround is available.
  • Data loss or data corruption
  • Large number of end users blocked from work
  • Unable to backup or Restore data
  • Unable to send or receive emails
  • Impact is escalating quickly

High - Significant Impact (Priority 2)

Significant Business Impact: Major issue occurring on production/live system, or a LogicNow product, substantially impacting business. Majority of users are impacted by issue but they are still able to work in a limited capacity
  • Any Incident which is important but does not require immediate action such that it is not business critical/Urgent.
  • Time sensitive issue reported by Customer, which may have a financial impact affect billing, monitoring or productivity (Examples: Monitoring toolsets have ceased to function or are not generating data, Alarms not triggering Incident tickets, some users, but not all users of the system cannot create tickets).
  • Some types of monitoring are non-functional, but the system are still operational (e.g. SNMP, Monitor sets). Other examples: Policies not applying on agents/organisations Security Updates are not being installed 


  • Significant performance degradation
  • Important functionality not available
  • Small number of users blocked from work
  • Impact is escalating

Normal/Minor impact (Priority 3)

Minimal Business Impact: Issue causing a partial or non-critical loss of functionality on production/live system. A small number of users are affected.
  • Moderate loss of functionality or performance resulting in minor performance degradation/not impacting live environments. 
  • Any Incident which is important but does not require action to be taken immediately.
  • System is up and running, but the problem causes non-negligible impact. (Example: A report can be triggered manually but does not run when scheduled.)
  • Does not prevent operation of a production system or there is some degradation in performance 
  • Incident does not have significant impact to the Customer or occurs in functionality that is not essential to daily operations.
  • Non-critical, Minor loss of functionality


  • Some system functions not available
  • Minor performance degradation
  • Small number of users impacted
  •  Impact is not escalating
  • Incorrect product behaviour without impact
  • Single user/group affected.  
  • Minor number of users affected by unusual increase in Spam (not all users are affected in the company).  

Response Service Level Objectives

The Response guideline for Incidents on the three Priority Levels are:
  • Priority 1 level - response SLO is 2 hour
  • Priority 2 level - response SLO is 8 hours 
  • Priority 3 level - response SLO is 12 hours
For the avoidance of doubt, a 2 hour response guideline means that within 1 hours of the case being logged with LogicNow Technical Support by the Customer, LogicNow will use reasonable endeavours to contact the customer to confirm and obtain exact information on the Incident and attempt to action diagnosis of the source of the problem. This is a RESPONSE SLO, not a FIX SLO.