Online backup, it's all about recovery

Colt Technology Services are a European Telecoms and IT Services Business, with about 1.6 billion Euro's in revenue. Their aim is to provide a unified communications IT Services and telephony to both SMB and Enterprise customers with presence in 13 countries and delivering services in 20 languages.

Scott Holmes, Sales director at Colt: "Where IASO is really important to us as a technology partner is it's highly automated, it's a product that covers really any market requirement from very small customers with very simple needs, right up to very large customers with much more complex needs. So what it gives us, and our partner network, is really elegant backup solution that addresses a large part of the market, and is very supportable and very scalable."

"What's critical with backup technologies isn't really backup at all. It's recovery. And what we're addressing here is a customer problem of ... something's gone wrong, my system's not available, my data has gone and I need to get it back as quick as possible." What's so great about IASO and how it differentiates is that focus on recovery. Should the worst happen, they would have restored their data very quickly, very elegantly using a number of different tools that ensures they get their business back up and running with a minimum of files and delay.

Colt and the Ceano brand within Colt is really all about automation. That's the primary driver. And what we really liked with IASO is the flexibility of the automation code. "So we use a certain provisioning and billing system and IASO have worked very closely with us to make sure our operation processes can be maintained and the way that we interact with our partners through those systems can be maintained. But beyond that we have also found is terrific marketing support and sales support, training materials. And also, we sort of sometimes look past it, but the quality of the problems as well. The engineering of the solution has been excellent and has really allowed us to kick on and grow that part of our business substantially."

So what's obviously important is the quality of the product and it's ability to meet the need of customer. And why IASO is such a key partner for Colt is that every time a customer has appraised the technology, they have been able to provide a solution that meets the customer needs and that allowed Colt to grow their business in the way they intended.

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