Worldwide Data Center Backup Solution

Equinix delivers a worldwide data center platform. What makes this platform so unique is that Equinix is active in all crucial locations around the world and that they can deliver the same services at the same level of quality to their customers.

The partnership between Equinix and IASO is very successful because Equinix offers several advantages worldwide and IASO translates these into a solution for its customers. "One of the more important advantages is of course the global scale. IASO is looking to grow quickly to new locations and, as Equinix, we can offer those locations." Michiel Eielts, Managing Director Equinix.

"Secondly, there is the flexibility to expand. When the demand is high, then we can be quick and flexible to step up and respond. Thirdly is of course quality." At Equinix, everything is about quality and it's the same at IASO. And that is what makes the partnership unique and sets Equinix apart for the end consumer.

The solution offered by IASO has enormous scalability potential. This is in part due to the quality of the software made by IASO and in part because of the way in which Equinix is able to complement this. An example of the scalability offered by IASO is when there was a commercial opportunity for business in America. IASO and Equinix sat down together and examined which data center would serve as the best solution for that customer.

"We also joined forces to look for flexibility and potential for growth and in this way IASO was able to quickly expand it's infrastructure to America and provide a suitable solution for its customer. The future plans within the partnership between IASO and Equinix are focused on building on the successes that we have already booked; with Telecom operators and Internet service providers and expand these internationally."

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