Local Hero in Cloud Services

Keenondots is known as a local hero when it comes to cloud services such as hosting, online workspaces, software-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service. And being a small team, they can be quite flexible as well.

Laurens van Alphen, Manager at Keenondots: "Our team is highly knowledgeable, so we can also share our knowledge with our customers. We've used a number of backup solutions over the years, and none of them could provide a solution that enabled us to resell online backup to our partners, as well as providing a solution for our own infrastructure, IASO can."

"Not only do they help us if we encounter an issue or a question, but we also help them develop new integrations and new features." There's a relatively short development path as well, so there's really the idea that you have influence on the product that you use.

Keenondots found IASO to be different in a number of area's. Not only is the software fast, but it also provides very low overhead. "And, ... given that we have a very large number of servers in our infrastructure, we need the backup overhead to be as low as possible. We also found the backend to be very scalable, which is a must if you have a large number of backups to do." One example is that Keenondots recently replaced an OEM Backup Solution with IASO. Before, they noticed that during the night the systems were temporarily frozen during backup windows, and with IASO there is zero overhead.

"We look forward to working with IASO to educate our partners on their way to grow their business for online backup and restore, to ultimately make their customers relax."

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