Cloud backup as a mass-market product

KPN is the largest telecommunication provider in the Netherlands. With a dedicated department responsible for all the cloud services, KPN is bringing cloud services to the market. These cloud services vary from backup and storage to hosting and e-mail up to full VDIsolutions.

Koen van Deudekom, Manager KPN Cloud Services: "We've been in this market since 2007 and we've been growing quite rapidly since then." IASO has been with KPN since the start of their Cloud department. The first big launch, backup online with an all you can eat proposition in terms of backup for only 5 euro's, transformed the solutions into a mass market product. "IASO is in that sense a partner for our whole backup software".

"With our backup proposition we primarily focus on the small office home office segment and the medium segment with server backup. What we actually see is that without targeting any of those specifically in the consumer market we know that quite some of our end users are actually consumers as well."

The relationship with IASO has been quite steady actually since the beginning. "First of all, we've launched a real sharp proposition to our end user and along the way, we really have been intensively working on a better user experience. I think there will be some good solutions coming up to the near future, which we can actually jointly bring to the market."

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