Building MRR with a Cloud proposition

Previder is a data centre organisation. Previder provides colocation, cloud, connectivity and ISP services to their customers.

Eric Vredeveldt, Managing director at Previder: "Our vision for backup is to offer the most reliable solution, we do that from two physical data centres in Hengelo so that we always have the maximum availability in backup data. IASO helps us achieve this."

As well as being reliable, flexibility is also an important factor, so is being involved with the customer and the requested solution. Innovative solutions multiply Previder activities, but also those of their clients, so that they can fully focus on their core activities.

"IASO supports our focus and vision for cloud services." Previder wants to grow in this and wants to be a flexible organisation. By applying IASO and their backup services, which they then offer, Previder can further develop the provision in cloud services.

"Reliability of backup data is incredibly important to our customers. In any situation they need to be able to go back to a point in time to restore their critical data, to secure their business continuity. IASO helps in all situations and provides support when necessary. This makes IASO a good partner for us."

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