Backup as the largest service pillar

Rackforces is Canada's largest vCloud service provider. Rackforce offers a wide range of ICT services. Everything from the ground up: design, management of data centers, trough co-location, up to unified communication as a service, cloud video as well as cloud backup.

"A few years back, we were looking for a product that would complement our in host data backup product. We were looking for a product that would scale, would be accessible from any device, anywhere. We found that the IASO product had all the features we were looking for.” As said by Tim Dufour, president and CEO of Rackforce Networks

"Data storage is our largest service pillar and it is growing rapidly. We feel that the cloud backup service is going to be a large part of our revenue stream in the feature; therefor IASO is going to be a huge part of our future."

IASO plays a huge role for Rackforce, IASO is the underlying technology Rackforce cloud backup. When Rackforce engaged with IASO, they looked at the business model and the pricing, when it all came together with the feature set, it was the right product for them. "Our customers really like the fact that it is a highly automated cloud backup service, very scalable up to petabytes of data storage. It also is a very easy to use product, from any device anywhere”.

IASO is a highly automated product, it's set it and forget it, until you need it. That's where it really shines, it's got very fast recovery time and it's an easy to use product.

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