Delivering backup is a service

Redstor is a data storage, data protection, data management specialist. They're founded in 1998 and have always been delivering Backup Storage and Archiving services to a broad range of clients based primarily in the UK, but also around the globe as well.

Today their current customer base spands around ten, ten and a half thousand clients, ranging both local government, but also the private sector. IASO plays a vital role to Redstor. The collaboration between Redstor and IASO is quite special.

Chris Sigley, Managing director at Redstor: "They're a true partner of ours. They understand our business, they understand the requirements of our business and fundamentally, they understand the requirements that our customers have as well. We have a fantastic working relationship on every level within the organization and as a result of that, we can act quickly, we can act confidently and both companies would mutually benefit from the work that goes on."

"IASO's technology is extremely powerful, extremely high-performance and we find that it outstrips any other technology in the market."

For Redstor, it enables them to target new market segments, organizations with multiple Terabytes worth of data and it does that in a number of unique ways. In addition to this, Redstor is also successful with IASO because of commercial arrangements they have. The technology is priced aggressively. It's done in a very simple way that enables, not only Redstor to predict their future growth, but also with their clients Redstor can predict costs and provide a very simple pricing metric that enables clients to fully understand what they are about to embark into when signing up to a backup service with Redstor.

"I believe that IASO technology also differentiate itself from how simple the management console is." It's very intuitive, and it provides both Redstor and their end-user clients and channel partners, a very simple, easy to view console, that demonstrates what clients are using, how successful backup were, and when and if they need to upgrade their servers.

"So I think the future between Redstor and IASO is quite exciting. We have a very good working relationship today and we don't see that changing in the future. If anything, we see it enhancing in becoming much stronger. From a support and development perspective, we want to continue feeding like we have an input in the roadmap and the development of the technology, we feel we have today and we hope we have in the future. We're very excited about the way that the technology is developing and moving forward with many additions and new features coming out throughout the year."

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