Stress free Online Backup

Sigmax is a ICT specialists in maintaining IT infrastructures for companies in the east of the Netherlands for both SME as well as large companies.

Robbie Mulders, Sales manager at Sigmax: "Providing customer specific solutions is key to what we do. The collaboration with IASO began years ago when we had a specific requirement from a customer in the market and we offered a technological solution with IASO."

"We consciously selected IASO because of the innovative backup platform. At that time we were looking for a provider of innovative backup solutions and we eventually found that in IASO." IASO was a leader in the area of online backup methods at the time and made it possible for Sigmax to provide customers with tape backup solutions to be fully stress free. The customers no longer had to worry about their backup at that moment. They didn't have to worry about taking risks related to conventional backup methods and they could let Sigmax make it stress free.

"The IASO solution is so flexible that we offer it as a part of the Sigmax label. Whether it is a SME or a large enterprise, whether it is an onsite concept or an offsite concept, we were able to seamlessly integrate all IASO solutions into our portfolio."

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