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VCD is a medium sized IT company with 350 employees in 3 locations in the Netherlands and focuses on a number of specific sectors. Healthcare and retail being the two biggest sectors in which they deliver a large diversity of products and services, especially software related solutions, specific packages for those sectors.

Rob Smit, Manager Operations at VCD: "One of our customers in retail is the supermarket chain SPAR. Our retail division already provides them with a number of software products and the customer is now requesting additional services. Not only delivering systems and support but also complimentary innovative services, so there we looked into what we could do for the customer and that's when we got in touch with IASO to find an alternate secure location for the customer's data."

What's special about this is that VCD has been able to make a logistical network of 320 branches accessible from one central location in Groningen. Where all data is collected and they can also show it to their customers. "Because cloud is something that can be worrying for many companies, kind of, "well where is my data". In this case we can actually point it out. The customer has actually been here, we set up with the customer and they now entirely manage the solution themselves."

For VCD this is nice opportunity to deliver its existing customers extra services, the advantage is that if you choose this solution, the data already comes in to VCD's data centre anyway. If you already access a customers information, then you can start offering other services on top of that. The scalability of this solution is a huge advantage. "On one end of the spectrum we have the SPAR with 320 shops in the Netherlands, but we were also able to implement it at a local car dealer who also wanted to secure his data. You can see, the solution works perfectly well in SME and is actually independent of sector as well."

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