Central Live Monitoring

IASO offers different management tools depending on whether you are an IT shop, reseller/VAR, or MSP. IT pros and service providers can use the IASO Cloud Management Console to track their backups, including status, data on the latest backup, and to receive alerts when things are out of sorts - allowing for fast action.

The same is true for service providers, but here the systems of multiple customers can be managed from a single cloud management console. Reporting is a key function of the backup console. As a default, daily reports are sent out, though reports can also be scheduled more frequently or done on demand.

The console is designed for remote use, where IT or providers can intimately manage either on-premises backup over the LAN or the Internet, or handle cloud backups remotely. Remote commands offer an alternative to the Web console. These remote commands can launch, cancel or stop both backups and restores - and all this can be done without having to log into client systems.

Cloud Management Console

For MSP, IASO additionally offers the Cloud Management Console. With this dashboard, MSPs can fully monitor and manage backups, set up schedules, and automate backup processes. This monitoring is critical, as it can insure the backup was successful and the data is safe and secure. IASO is designed to automate management and processes as much as possible, negating the need for admins to constantly monitor the console, and manually kick off backups or restores. This automation makes both IT and IASO partners vastly more efficient.

IASO management tools are far from standalone but are integrated with key third party tools. First and foremost, the IASO management works closely with MAX Remote Monitoring, a key MSP remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool. It also integrates with software from Autotask, ConnectWise and Parallels.

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