Be Ready For Any Disaster With Continuous Recovery

Always On. Always Up to Date.

At the pinnacle of the recovery hierarchy, above Backups and even Disaster Recovery is Continuous Recovery - the ever-present recovery of a system lying in wait. Customers that simply cannot afford to be out of business for even an hour, such as a lawyer or warehouses, are prime candidates for you to provide Continuous Recovery as a service.

But, when you consider how many customers will actually be willing to wait hours to be operational, it becomes evident that every customer needs Continuous Recovery.

With this service, you can promise your clients an up-to the minute ready cold standby virtual server, waiting to be put into production, should the need arise. And when the time comes, it's as simple as disconnecting one server from production and connecting another.

Continuous Recovery Features

Unparalleled Delta Tracking
To keep a system continuously up-to-date, you need powerful tracking of the smallest changes. IASO Backup's True Delta technology tracks changes at the block level, creating very small, yet very fast backups to restore to a cold standby system.

Continual Automatic Updates
Because you can't continuously update a running server or it will potentially get corrupted, IASO Backup automatically updates the cold standby server via a restore after each backup of the production server completes.

Minimal Product Impact
Backups of the production server and restores to the standby virtual machine (VM) take up negligible resources on either system, minimizing impact on your customer's production environment.

Flexible Virtual Support
Continuous Recovery works on both VMware ESX and Hyper-V platforms, so your customer can continue to utilize the virtualization investment already made.

Physical or Virtual
Servers utilizing Continuous Recovery don't just need to be physical. Both Physical and virtual machines can be sources of standby servers, creating the fastest virtual recovery possible.

Centralized Recovery Monitoring
All backup and restore jobs are managed and monitored in IASO Backup's web-based console, giving you visibility into the status of your continuous recovery efforts without needing to be onsite.

Why IASO Backup?

You don't just need a backup solution for your customers. You need a partner that works to make your life easier. That designs customer-centric data protection, getting you operational as quickly as possible. Remember, IASO Backup is a service built from the ground up around the needs of you, the service provider.

Simplify Backup Management
Anybody can copy a file or database to a cloud server. Only IASO Backup makes even the most complex backup and recovery needs a simple task. And our web-based management console is multi-tenant, so you can manage every client anytime, from anywhere.

Increase Customer Availability
Add more than just managing backups to your list of service offerings. With IASO Backup, you can offer disaster recovery testing, offsite recovery, virtual disaster recovery, a hosted virtual hot site, workstation recovery, and more.

Integrate Your PSA
IASO Backup natively supports integration with ConnectWise, AutoTask and Parallels, making the billing of your backups a simple addition to the PSA you already know.

The Leader in Continuous Backup

Used by more than 150,000 daily users to perform over 50 million backups annually with a 100% successful restore rate, IASO Backup is the worldwide leader in secure hybrid-cloud continuous backup and recovery.

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