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In a GFI Software survey of 200 IT pros at SMB shops, only 47% of shops did daily backups 16% did them 2-4 times a week, and 17% did them only once a week. For 32% of respondents, they didn't do backups every day because "it's not an efficient use of my time." And 9% said they didn't have room for their backups. A solid 31% said they wished their backups were more efficient.

These problems can all be solved with Deep Deduplication, which turbo charges your backups. With IASO Deep Deduplication, only changed blocks within files are sent over the network during online backup, and for most restores. That means backups are dramatically faster, so they can be scheduled when it makes most business sense, not just when the network isn't busy. And it means backups can be done far more frequently, so your backup contains critical recent data.

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