Integrate Backup with Parallels

While mostly known for virtualization, Parallels also has a powerful automation platform for deploying and consuming cloud services. IASO tightly integrates with Parallels in a number of ways to automate and simplify the delivery of IASO. First Parallels can be used to package IASO for use in the cloud. For partners, cloud services supported by Parallels packaging can all appear as one, vastly easing management and use. This way your e-mail service running alongside IASO Cloud Backup seem to come from the same place.

Parallels also supports single sign-on, easing access for customers and service providers and hosting companies alike. IASO hosting partners use Parallels to support their Backup as a Service offerings, particularly when supporting a large customer base where Parallels helps make IASO an extremely scalable and solution and an attractive mass market proposition. The connection with Parallels makes provisioning and billing easier, and can tie both these across a hoster's entire cloud services portfolio.

Parallels automation makes it easier to support partners by

  • Easing the building of backup devices for partners and within partners
  • Stopping devices or even stopping entire partner services
  • Controlling what resources of used by partners and how

Whether you're already using Parallels or are looking to automate service delivery via the cloud, IASO's seamless integration makes your implementation of hybrid cloud backup faster, simpler and more cost-effective.

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