Microsoft Exchange Backup

E-mail for many is the single most important application, and the data contained within it essential to customer contact, communication, and often holds more critical business data than company spreadsheets and databases.

Having a backup system that specifically supports Exchange means your e-mail will always be safe, and always be available.

As a top Microsoft third party backup maker, IASO fully supports the Exchange Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) which means that IASO can closely manage and exploit shadow copies sometimes known as snapshots or mirror copies. This insures that backups are fast, and represent a true snapshot of your data at that point in time. IASO can restore Exchange in bulk or granular fashion. If you need to restore a single mailbox, IASO's Virtual Drive is just the ticket.

Looking beyond just backing up Exchange is the issue of Archiving your email data. Many of your customers are subject to regulatory compliance laws, such as those in healthcare and financial verticals, and are required to archive their email. In addition to backing up Exchange, IASO gives your customers the ability to easily archive this data, helping them comply with compliance regulations.

Whether your customers are looking to meet compliance standards, or simply to just ensure Exchange stays up and running, IASO hybrid cloud backup can provide the stability, security and storage needed to meet thsie business objectives.

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