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Secure Data Centers

Your backup is only as safe as the cloud that contains it. With IASO, many customers choose a hybrid approach where one tier of backup is on the premises and another tier in the cloud. On the cloud side, IASO has six state of the art data centers around the world - with more to come.

What makes the choice of datacenters unique is IASO saves the data where you want. By default IASO Cloud Backup saves the data in the geography where the data is created. For example when your customer resides in Canada, the data will be send to the data center in Canada. When your customer is based in The Netherlands, it will be send to our data center in The Netherlands. We already store data local in the following countries:

  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Australia

However, with IASO you can pick where your data is stored if you have particular geographic or security needs.

Data centers in the United States and Canada are SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II compliant, which means they can be audited based on internationally approved standards. The data centers used by IASO are secured to the highest possible standards.

The secure data center locations are constantly guarded by highly trained security officers around the clock, 365 days a year. Physical security also includes the use of CCTV monitoring. And the centers are kept up and running thanks to backup generators. Data, meanwhile, is stored on redundant arrays in case of a disk failure. And every IASO data center is either SSAE compliant or ISO certified.

Certification of Datacenters

The quality of your cloud backup depends in large measure on the robustness of the data centers that contain it. One way to measure this is through certifications, and IASO data centers have plenty. In the United States and Canada, for instance, data centers are all SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II compliant, which means they can be audited based on internationally approved standards.

And every IASO data center, no matter where in the world it is, is either SSAE compliant or ISO certified.

IASO data centers have the following ISO certifications:

  • ISO 9001 :2008
  • ISO14001:2004
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • ISO27001:2005
  • ISO50001:2011
  • PCI-DSS Chapter 9

Your customer takes the security of their data seriously. So do we (and so do you). By providing storage in geo-specific world-class data centers as part of your customer's backup solution, you not only ensure the security of your customer's data, but also their trust in you.

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