99.999% Uptime Guarantee

Data center availability is critical to efficient, safe and fast backup and recovery. In the case of IASO, we can guarantee 99.999% uptime. That means you can backup when you want to backup, and recover when you want to recover. This is because IASO chose Equinix as our data center partner, a leader in data center security and availability.

For MSPs, this availability means you can now truly offer Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS) because the cloud will be ready to restore as soon as the customer needs. And as an MSP, you can pass along the 99.999% uptime guarantee to your customers. (Point to DRaaS whitepaper).

Disaster Recover as a Service

DRaaS is a higher level service compared to standard backup and restore, and can be offered as a premium. But to justify premium pricing the service to be top-notch. The restores have to be of the critical data necessary for solid business operations, and the data has to come back fast enough so the company barely misses a beat. Uptime is part of that, but the speed of IASO through our Deep Deduplication technology makes sure backup volumes are restored with a high rate of speed and efficiency.

In the world of hybrid cloud backup, uptime is critically important. Without it, you can't recover your customer's data at the touch of a button. With IASO, you can rest assured that you can meet Service Level Agreements and get your customer's business operational again.

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