Workstation Backups

Rare is the IT pro who ignores server backup. But often individual workstations, especially those in the field, home offices and satellite facilities are neglected. The data on these PCs and workstations is far from inconsequential. Important projects, critical documents, and irreplaceable creative work are all stored on these machines. Even workstations in the home office or headquarters are too often overlooked, despite being tied directly into the corporate network and interacting closely with company servers. This is not just bad backup practice, but for companies covered by compliance rules, a huge legal and financial liability.

For headquarters and large operations, workstations should be backed to an in-house system, a backup server, NAS, SAN or other approach. The second tier makes the most sense is in the cloud, where it is secure, and guaranteed to be available when time comes to restore. This is called hybrid cloud backup, otherwise known as disk-to-disk-to-cloud (D2D2C).

Automatic backup software update

IASO workstation backup solutions, while it can right up to supporting huge telcos and cable companies, is so easy to install that end users can handle it themselves. Even more important, IT or a service provider can automatically install the backup software on client machines. At headquarters these installs can be pushed out over the local area network (LAN). This workstation backup installation is inclusive, consisting of setting up user names, user passwords, and defining the encryption keys. Once installed, software updates will be sent out automatically once approved by the administrator in charge of backup.

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